Famous Tibetan Food in Delhi that you must try

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famous tibetan Food on the streets of Tibet is becoming more and more popular in Delhi and many Tibetan cuisine food lovers are waiting to taste this delicious food in New Delhi., hence some restaurant like Yeti – The Himalayan Kitchen has brought Tibetan delicacies right to the center of India. Tibetan. Thupka noodles also very popular in tibetan cuisine.

Famous Tibetan Food in Delhi that you must try

About Tibetan Food

Tibetan cuisine is unique because of the altitude of the Tibetan mountains, the extreme climate, and the traditional Tibetan religious beliefs and practices. The Tibetan food eaten daily contains a lot of meat and protein products to fight climate change and mountain barley, one of the few crops that can thrive in the mountains. In the highlands of Tibet, water is scarce, which means some foods are hard and time consuming.

Of all the Tibetan dishes that can be cooked for a family living on the plateau, some are more popular than others, eaten or drunk the most often by the Tibetan people. These more popular foods and drinks are found all over the region, regardless of local varieties of cuisine, and are the main staples of the Tibetan diet.


Beyond Majnu Ka Tila, 10 of Delhi’s Best Tibetan Foods Here are other places to visit besides Majnu Ka Tila for Tibetan delicacies in Delhi.

  • Top 10 Best Tibetan Foods in Delhi by Majnu Ka Tila
  • The main character of Momos Majnu Ka Tila is famous for its Tibetan restaurant. There are other places for good Tibetan food. Visit a Tibetan health restaurant in Delhi / NCR.
  • If you go regularly to Majnu to Tila, you will a supporter of Tibetan food. Also known as Little Tibet, Colony offers the best Tibetan food at affordable prices. But if you have already visited all the restaurants and restaurants including AMA Cafe and Rigo Cafe, there is a new world of Shafta, Momos and Tibetan Thubka noodles you will love to see and love in Delhi.
  • Here are some delicious places in Delhi where you can enjoy Tibetan food at Majnu Ka Tila.

Sharing our Tibetan Food in Delhi Experience with the very famous Yeti The Himalayan Kitchen

For Tibetan Street Food Lovers you can also visit Majnu Ka Tilla to experience various Tibetan Food Delicacy at very cheap prices.

Famous Tibetan foods in Delhi mentioned below.

Stir Fried Pork

Pan frying is a Chinese cooking technique that uses a small amount of very hot oil in a large, round wok pan to prepare a variety of ingredients, resulting in a quick and healthy dinner that can appeal to the whole family. Almost all fries include vegetables, and most offer a protein such as beef, chicken, pork, or shrimp. Pork is a great addition to sauté as it is easy to prepare, cooks quickly and takes on the flavors of recipes perfectly.

tibetan food in delhi

Fried pork is non-vegetarian Tibetan dish. Bacon is Pork is Stir Fried to Perfection with vegetables and served with hot sauce.


Laphing is an authentic Tibetan dish that is sure to leave you wanting more. A cold and spicy mung bean noodle dish served in every corner of Majnu ka Tilla. Laphing literally means “cold noodles” and is popular in many neighboring countries, including Nepal and Tibet. It is a fresh and spicy dish and is considered a refreshing summer meal. Laphing’s slippery, jelly-like texture will win your heart.

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Laphing is now the most Consumed Tibetan Food in Delhi After Thupka

Not far from Manju Ka Tila, Laphing Wala and Kamla Nagar Market, near the North Campus University of Delhi, is another place for students to try the famous Laphing noodles. Laphin is a unique Tibetan noodle, made from bean sprouts or lentil starch and served with chili and pepper. If you go to Laphing Wala, don’t forget to try Kimchi laphing.


Tibetan Thupka noodles soup, along with a cup of Tibetan tea, is a typical Tibetan dish in the Lhasa teas. Often, after a trip to the Tibetan monastery near Majnu, Tibetan travelers choose to eat these dishes and chat with friends at a teaser shop. .

Tibetan Thupka noodles are made by mixing flour with liquid alkaline water. The paste is pressed into the paste. Once the Tibetan noodles are ready, they are added to a dish with sweet bone dishes, shredded meat and some vegetables. Tibetan Thupka noodles is famous tibetan food

thupka noodles

Yeti the Himalayan Kitchen and Tibetan Food Market in Majnu Ka Tilla  both are able to satisfy our taste buds on another level. Tibetan Thupka noodles is most common Tibetan Food it is a Soupy kind of dish with loads of vegetables and Rice noodles, in some countries it is also known as most complete dish and it do refer some resemblance. Tibetan Thupka noodles is famous food of Tibetan Cuisine.


Another popular dish is Tibetan momo. Made from wheat flour, they can be boiled, fried or boiled. They are filled with meat or vegetables and are always accompanied by delicious dishes made from tomatoes, chilli and garlic.

Coming to Tibetan cuisine, how do you find momo? And real Tibetan momo is sweeter than momo in other parts of the country. Then, from Majnu to Tilla, a warm and comfortable Tibetan momo is a must.

Although it resembles traditional Chinese garbage, the Tibetan momo takes a different form. It can go around in circles or in circles. Yak meat is often used as a garnish. In fact, for vegetarians, cabbage, onions and mushrooms are commonly used to make Tibetan momo.

In Tibetan restaurants, Tibetan dishes are often served with fried potatoes. Sometimes you find them in the soup. Anyway, the most popular Tibetan momo is steamed. They are also served with spicy sauce or salt and cucumber.


Tingmo is a steam line with a subtle floral design that melts in your mouth. Tingmos are also very tasty and can be used with sweet pepper. From Majnu to Tilla, you can try Tingmo at the AMA restaurant.

thupka noodles

This bun-shaped Tibetan bread is steamed and served with vegetables, meat and dal. Tingmo is a delicate, soft and fluffy sandwich that is prepared with wheat flour without filling any filling. It should be served hot and is mainly served with meat. It is a staple food of Ladakh and is eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The dough is kneaded and then intricately folded and twisted before being put into Mokto.

Tibetan Yogurt

Tibetan yoghurt is one of Tibetan’s favorite foods. Whether in a restaurant or in a small shop, white Tibetan yogurt is sold in a spoon and sprinkled with dried fruit or fruit. Unlike yoghurt in other parts of China, Tibetan yoghurt is made with skimmed milk without the addition of harmful nutrients.

Eating yogurt has a Tibetan and Tibetan cuisine tradition for a thousand years. In other words It also provides important food during the special festivals of Tibetan Buddhism, such as the Shoton Festival. The delicious taste of Tibetan yogurt should  tried when visiting Tibet.


Shaphaley or Shabhaley very tasty dish filled with chicken, pork, beef or other meats. Served with fragrant chutney. Shaphaleys are semi-circular or circular. You will find this dish in almost every Tibetan restaurant in Majnu to Tilla.


This is another popular Tibetan dish to try Majnu up to Tilla. Thethuk is a Tibetan noodle soup made with vegetables, chicken, pork, etc. The hot soup is delicious and relaxing for a sweet taste. Tibetans often enjoy it for dinner or lunch.


Tsampa, one of the most popular dishes in the mountains, is the only Tibetan food eaten at every meal. this is  made from roasted highland barley powder and tea is easy to make if you learn the skill involved in making it. To make SSAMPA, just drop tea at the bottom of the bowl and add a tsampa powder bag. Next, knead gently with your index finger and then knead by hand to get all the tsampa pieces on both sides, constantly twisting the bowl. Once you get a round pellet-like product, put it in your mouth and rinse with more tea.

Butter Tea

Butter tea, or po cha as it is known in Tibet, is the most popular drink among Tibetans and has been part of the highland diet for centuries. Traditionally brewed with tea leaves, yak butter, water and salt, this tea is an important part of a Tibetan’s life. Tea is drunk all over Tibet, from early morning until bedtime. Tibetans even carry bowls of tea inside their clothes; the bowl is a typically wooden personal object.

above all are famous tibetan cuisine food

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