What rings a bell when I say steel trailers? Great, transfers, dockyards, ships, and so on, isn’t that so? All things considered, compartments are not any more utilized exclusively for moving transfers, you can live in one. Totally serious. An originator team in Dehradun have concocted this special idea of Shipping Container Home and we put everything on the line and data will take your breath away.

Planned Jointly By Two Design Studios
The style of this Airbnb in Dehradun is perfectly planned by two plan studios, Two Equals Design and Studio Alternatives. Compartments feel claustrophobic, well no this one here has enormous windows and glass entryways which essentially occupy the entire room with more than adequate daylight. It’s a wonderful home which is inherent three steel trailers and has been changed over into one room, residing, shower and kitchen space. It is an ideal space for solo voyagers or families with 1 or 2 children. The property likewise has a parking spot for three vehicles. Eateries and bistros are under 3 km away and a 10 mins drive away is the Dehradun’s Pacific Mall.

Two Equals Living
The holder has a one-room, living, shower and kitchen space. The room accompanies a sovereign size floor bed for two individuals. Additional sheet material is given to up to two children. The kitchen is completely furnished with conveniences like electric acceptance, gas oven, fridge, microwave, and toaster oven. They additionally eat basics loaded up for you. One more best thing about the property is that it is thoroughly pet cordial, so you don’t need to leave your paw pal back home. The spot likewise has a little nursery and indoor and outside games.

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