Things to avoid in Sawan : Sawan Month 2022

things to avoid in sawan

The period of Sawan is at long last here. Sawan or Shravan is the fifth month in the Nanakshahi schedule. The 2022 Shravan month starts on July 14 and finishes on August 12 with Shravan Purnima. During this devout month, enthusiasts all around India love Lord Shiva. Indian custom says that any individual who keeps a quick on a Monday during Shravan, will have every one of the desires conceded. So on the off chance that you are one of the fans seeing this quick, here’s a rundown of food varieties that are things to avoid in sawan.

1. Skin Non vegan Dishes

Sawan is viewed as a devout month. What’s more, individuals quick simply because they need to keep their body unadulterated. As indicated by customary convictions, eating non vegan food implies you are killing other living life forms. So in the event that you have chosen to quick for Lord Shiva, it’s better you avoid non vegan dishes. So it is fitting for you to skip meat, fish, and eggs like things to avoid in sawan  month.

2. Liquor

Assuming you have chosen to quick in the blessed month of Sawan, you must be extremely mindful of what you consume. In the event that you are a party individual, it’s better you stay away from those for the month. Parties essentially mean tomfoolery and alcohol! What’s more, that is the one thing you absolutely need to avoid assuming you are fasting. Drinking liquor approaches erring in Sawan month. Liquor is considered as a contaminated substance that imparts negative energy into your body. So take a stab at staying away from any cocktail during this month.

3. Dairy Products And Green Leafy Veggies

Dairy items will generally make an awkwardness of the Vata dosha. Consequently as indicated by conventional convictions, anybody fasting during Sawan month should try not to consume dairy items. One more significant food to keep away from is verdant vegetables. Avoid dishes that contain these as verdant veggies support the body’s bile content, and accordingly increment the Vata dosha.

4. Onion And Spices

Fasting in Sawan month implies eating dull food, absent any and all flavors and onion. Certain individuals even skip oil. Red stew powder, coriander powder, table salt, and different flavors other than salt, should be stayed away from in this month. Aside from flavors, you should likewise stay away from onion and garlic and just go for a satvik supper.

5. Brinjal

Keep away from eating brinjals while fasting during the Sawan month. A many individuals think of it as a notion however it really has more to do with the earth. Sawan additionally calls for tempests and vegetables like brinjals are more disposed to try tarnishing in this month. So trying not to eat them is better. Aside from this, on the off chance that you allude to Hindu sacred writings you will find Brinjal being alluded to as debased. So in otherworldly events, aficionados try not to consume this vegetable.


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