The exact date in 2023 when the Earth will witness an amazing event was stated by a time traveller gone viral for his predictions on TikTok.

Would it be interesting to know what the future holds? If you like to read about time travel and the predictions that travelers make about things to come, this is something that will surprise you.

A time traveler, known as @beyondtimetraveller, who shares videos on TikTok updating viewers on the biggest events of the year, said that the earth will see an amazing event in 2023. The person also refers to the planet that meets the aliens.

One of the claims made by the person in 2869 is that a creature larger than the blue whale will be discovered on Earth in 2023. The time traveler not only predicts the event, but also shows the exact date – June 26 of this year.

“June 26, 2023: A new creature bigger than a blue whale was discovered in the Pacific Ocean, it reached 350 feet (sic),” the news article said in its TikTok video. The footage was captioned to read, “Warning Everyone Yes, I’m a real time traveler. Here’s a summary of what’s to come in 2023.”

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