Vaccinated Travelers From The UAE Can Enter India Without An RT-PCR Testing

Vaccinated Travelers From The UAE Can Enter India Without An RT-PCR Testing

According to a statement released by Air India Express, travelers from the UAE will no longer have to undergo an RT-PCR test before departure if they received two doses of the Covid-19 vaccine in India on Friday. The new requirements apply only to travelers from the UAE who have completed the initial immunization course in India.

India has opened its doors to foreign travelers

India has finally opened its doors to foreign visitors. Please check the travel instructions for India Covid-19 before traveling. According to the new legislation enacted this year, there are 108 nations whose vaccination India recognizes the certificate of completion of the program. You can visit the official website of the Ministry of Aviation for more information.

Here are all the details regarding travelers from the UAE

UAE travelers who have completed their vaccinations can now submit their vaccination completion certificate to the Air Suvidha website. Additionally, as the vast majority of the population is adequately immunized, traveling to the Middle East has become less difficult to comply with COVID-19 related regulations and restrictions.

With the UAE’s summer holidays on the brink, it’s been reported that the fare is now double what it would otherwise be. There are a number of factors that have contributed to this increase in air fares, the most obvious of which is the increase in the price of jet fuel. Despite this, airlines operate at or near full capacity. Therefore, according to forecasts, there will be no suspension of the rate hike anytime soon.

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