When Rain Lashes Delhi, AI Artist Thinks About City Boat; Goes Viral

When Rain Lashes Delhi, AI Artist Thinks About City Boat; Goes Viral

Many cities in northern India experience heavy rains leading to floods, landslides, landslides etc. Delhi is one of the cities that has experienced heavy rains and the situation has become alarming in many parts of the national capital. Water is everywhere in the city, which causes many problems. From people traveling to water leaking into homes, the problems are endless.

AI Artist Made “Well-Needed” Boats For The Delhi Monsoon

Artist Vikas Pawar shared a stunning image of an imaginary boat on a flooded road in Delhi. Ingeniously, he clearly showed the waterlogged and towed boats in the streets.


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Proper transportation is very important for getting around during this bad season of monsoons. We often hear that people face serious problems traveling during such times and to solve these problems, Vikas made these boats covered with a roof that carry passengers. Hailing from the “house of architecture of Delhi and different areas of Delhi”, the AI ​​artist has created these AI pictures beautifully.

From India Gate to the streets and markets of Delhi, Vikas Pawar has collected these covered dome boats. These boats are made of different materials, bright colors, bright headlights and other amazing additions. We don’t know the truth in the coming days but a boat of this kind can be a savior for all Delhites. These types of trips are covered everywhere, leaving every opportunity to get a little water inside.

What do you think of these well-designed boats? Do you think this could be true in the future?

It has been raining cats and dogs non-stop for a few days in Delhi. The city recorded maximum rainfall in 24 hours for the first time in 41 years. After 1982, this weekend was the wettest one-day rain in July. This is the first strong wave this monsoon. With the yellow alert in the nation’s capital, many people have sadly lost their lives.

Delhites, stay safe!

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