You Can Get 2 Kg of Tomatoes For Free at MP Store When You Buy…

You Can Get 2 Kg of Tomatoes For Free at MP Store When You Buy…

Tomatoes are not like any other vegetable. A significant increase in its price has made it a valuable commodity in today’s market. It increased so much that people think twice before buying tomatoes or replacing them with other vegetables. Each kg costs around ₹ 160 or slightly different depending on the location in India. Amid rising prices, the retailer decided to offer these vegetables for free.

Get 2 kilos of tomatoes for free at this store. T&Cs apply!

Have you heard that McDonald’s has stopped using this red vegetable on its menu for a while due to rising prices? The decision of the fast food system is not surprising as we are all aware of this strong increase in the price of tomatoes. But this latest launch by a Madhya Pradesh retailer has turned everyone’s head.

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Abhishek Aggarwal runs a mobile business in Madhya Pradesh. Since everyone is worried about the price of tomatoes, he uses this opportunity to promote his business and attract customers. He has launched an attractive offer at his store where every customer gets 2 kg of tomatoes for free when he buys a mobile phone at his store in MP, according to a Times of India-India Times report. It’s a great support program!

Expensive tomatoes turned out to be a big boost for Abhishek’s business. A TOI report suggests that this marketing campaign will be a successful journey. The donation of 2 kg of tomatoes on such occasions attracted a lot of interest and this increased its sales. So far, the trader has supplied almost 1 quintal of this vegetable to his customers. Many people visit this shop in Madhya Pradesh when the news of this special offer starts to spread. The idea of ​​doing the best in such a delicate situation is truly commendable. Even after giving away about a quintal of tomatoes for free, he is profitable and successful in his business.

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