The World’s Largest Glass Bottom Bridge Opened in Vietnam To Promote Tourism

The World’s Largest Glass Bottom Bridge Opened in Vietnam To Promote Tourism

Don’t look at your feet! On Friday, the opening of the largest glass-bottom bridge hanging 150 meters (490 feet) over a lush forest in Vietnam marks the beginning of a new tourist attraction for visitors who fear heights. Some of the most beautiful glass bottom bridges in the world are found in various locations around the world, offering breathtaking views of the valleys below. And Vietnam is home to the world’s newest suspension bridge of its kind!

Here are the details of the larger glass bottom bridge

The bridge has tough glass, making it sturdy enough to support up to 450 people at a time. As well as providing wonderful views of the lush flora in the ravine far below, which serves as the bridge’s flooring. Standing on the bridge, visitors will be able to enjoy the breathtaking splendor of nature. The company claims it is the largest glass-bottom bridge in the world, surpassing a 526-meter construction in Guangdong, China in terms of both length and height. In the coming month, officials from the Guinness Book of Records have not yet validated the claim.

Vietnam revokes the Covid-19 rules

Previous reports say that in mid-March, Vietnam lifted its quarantine imposed on foreign tourists and reinstated visa-free travel for citizens of 13 countries for a period of 15 days. Additionally, Vietnam will host the Southeast Asian Games in two weeks. However, the event will attract more than 10,000 athletes and sports officials to the country. Bach Long is reportedly the third glass bridge built in Vietnam. Therefore, if you plan to reach Vietnam’s largest glass bottom bridge, you should monitor your health for the first 10 days after arrival. However, there are no quarantine restrictions for those who show no signs of COVID-19 upon arrival.

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