Delhi Becomes The 2nd Busiest Airport in The world in March, Replacing Dubai

Delhi Becomes The 2nd Busiest Airport in The world in March, Replacing Dubai

OAG, a global travel data provider, reports that Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport became the second busiest airport in the world in March, surpassing Dubai International Airport. The reason for this jump is Delhi’s strong recovery in the aviation market. It was initially domestic only, but now the government’s decision to resume international flights has increased traffic flow and positioned it as the second busiest.

Mass vaccination helped aviation

Other countries like China or Singapore have been much tougher when it comes to lifting Covid restrictions, while India has adopted mass vaccinations and subsequently eased restrictions, including permitting international flights which have helped the industry. aeronautics. But as other countries also relax restrictions, Delhi could lose its rank.

Other countries still have restrictions

Other major airports, such as Dubai and Changi, are heavily dependent on international traffic, which has not improved yet. Many countries are still restricted even after two years. As a new wave of Covid spreads across the country, Beijing and Shanghai, among the busiest airports in the world, face tougher restrictions once again. Demand has increased due to the decline in Covid-19 cases, the easing of restrictions and the start of school and university holidays in parts of India.

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