Galle Face Beach Columbo Srilanka

Galle Face Beach Columbo Srilanka

Galle Face Beach or Galle Face Green an Indian Ocean beach in the heart of Colombo, Srilanka with a busy promenade & the popular Galle Face Green. #gallefacebeach #srilanka #beach 

Sri Lanka, being an island, is known for its amazing beaches and views.

However, in Colombo, it isn’t always easy to find a place where you can enjoy the crashing of the waves and most of all, an undisturbed view of the sunset.

Galle Face Green thus attracts a large number of people, especially during the evening, although it is rarely empty, even in the afternoon when there is very little shelter from the scorching sun.

galle face beach

Galle Face Road is also Very Famous for Kothu Parotta, Diamond,s and Different Varieties of Tea. We are Personally not able to buy any diamond-related products as it was very confusing as the rates from different shops we very unclear.

diamond of srilanka

But we managed to buy some different types of tea which we highly recommend buying at home back.

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