Kothu Parotta Recipe Srilankan Style

Kothu Parotta Recipe Srilankan Style

Kothu Parotta Recipe Srilankan Style

Kothu Parotta Recipe also known as Kottu roti or Kothu roti is a Sri Lankan dish made from godhamba roti and vegetables, egg and/or meat and spices. The bread is described as very similar to the type found in the south Indian kothu parotta and Roti can. In most restaurants or street it is served with raita or salan but you can savor the dish without any accompaniment. It’s a meal on its own, very filling and full of flavor.

How to make Kothu Roti or Kothu Parotta Recipe?

Kothu Parotta Process Start by taking handful of veggies and shredded godhamba roti or Parotta on the big pan to stir fry it with a scoop of super tasty gravy with raw egg and the chef start chopping it with 2 large metal knifes and later adding choice of meat to this delicacy.

The Kothu Parotta is a flavor-packed, wholesome dish that serves as a meal in itself. Although it finds its origin in the island country of Sri Lanka, the Kothu Parotta has made its way to the daily diets of mainland Tamilians. Infused with local Indian spices and juicy chicken, this dish has made its way into our hearts.

Vegetarian Kothu Parotta Recipe?

Yes you heard that right! we asked one of the restaurants to make us a vegetarian version of Kothu Parotta so he decided to replace meat with Potatoes which was not that creative, but hey what you can expect in vegetarian version LOL ๐Ÿ™‚


kothu parotta recipe


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