Paragliding on Nainital Mountain is Considered among to be best in India, a host of paragliding oppurtunities are on offer for both the beginners and the more experienced.

Paragliding on the mountain take off from Nainital mountains. Total Time Paragliding in air Hardly 6-7 Minutes. Total Waiting time for Paragliding on mountain Almost 2 Hours Total Cost of Paragliding in Nainital 800 INR per Person

The Superior mountain peaks of Uttarakhand make an ideal location for the daredevil sport known as paragliding. The unique arrangement of the Nainital state with magnificent Himalayas in the north and the plains of Terai in the South. promise an unforgettable paragliding experience over-dense forests, deep valleys, and the snowy peaks of the Himalayas.


Paragliding on the mountain is an exhilarating experience – after all, who wouldn’t love to get wings like a bird and fly away from his earthly stresses.

Trained Paragliders can fly in the air for hours with the help of the glider and climb to altitudes, more than 10,000 feet high. You can also opt for cross-country flying adventure covering vast distances.

Some of the ideal paragliding sites in Uttarakhand are: Maldevta in Dehradun, Bhimtal, Nainital, Kota Bagh, Bageshwar, and Kausani

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