29 States National Food Of India and their food That they are Famous For

national food of india

India is a diverse country, and among its 29 states, each state has its own unique style of cuisine, flavor and richness. It would really unfair to judge a particular state as the best food in India. national food of india 29 States of India and their food That they are Famous For. India national food Cuisines each state has its own unique style of cuisine

The cultural heritage of each state has its own gastronomic culture and each food stands out with its flavor. indian cuisines Here we are rounding up some of the best authentic foods from every Indian state.

Loved by many other countries, traditional Indian food has a history of 8,000 years. Each state of India has its own unique recipe; indian cuisines These regional dishes from different states of India have their authenticity. The surprising use of various flavors of spices and herbs makes these delicacies stand out. Therefore, these incredibly delicious recipes from different Indian states are a must! Indeed, the incredible Indian states and their foods are sure to arouse your taste buds.

National food of india There is a famous saying: “Food is the common denominator that unites people”. indian cuisines And to honest, there is no denying this fact as it fits perfectly with a country like India which is different in almost every respect from religions to languages.

There are many cultures and traditions in every national food of india . Along with which there are also several varieties of food in India. Each state has its own special dishes which are unique to the state. Despite all these differences, Indians have something in common that unites them, and it is none other than their infinite love for food. In fact, his love of different types of food!

Cuisine in India

Indian cuisine is as vast and varied as its multi-ethnic culture. The delicious and exotic dishes of India are characterize by the subtle use of spices and herbs. Indian cuisines vary greatly from region to region. Different regions adopt different cuisines. India prides itself on serving the most diverse cuisine in the world. Each region has its own specialties and different ways of cooking. The cooking style, the flavor and its specialties change with the landscapes. Most Indian cuisines are vegetarian, but Indians also love non-vegetarian delicacies cooked with fish, lamb, goat, chicken, and other meats. Food has always important to the culture of India.

Top 29 Foods From Each State Of India

Indian Cuisine
  State / UT’s Cuisine
Jammu & Kashmir Gustaba, Tabak Maz Dum Aloo, Haak or Karam ka Saag,
Ladakh Momos, Thukpa, Skew, Tigmo, Khambir
Uttrakhand Aloo ke Gutke, Kaapa, Jhangora (millets) ki , Kheer, Chainsoo
Uttar Pradesh Kabab, Biryanis, Bedmi Aloo Kachori, Banarasi Chaat,
Jharkhand Thekua, Pua, Pittha Marua-ka-roti,
Sikkim Momos, Thukpa, Gundruk Phagshapa and Seal Roti,
Manipur Iromba, Kabok, Chakkouba
Nagaland Momos, Rice Beer and , Cherry Wine,
Assam Masor Tenga, Pitha
Arunachal Paradesh Chinese Cuisine &, Apong (Local Beer),
Meghalaya Jadoh, Kyat (Local Beer), Bitchi,
Bihar Litti-Chokha, Sattu Paratha Khaja, Khubi Ka Lai, Anarasa, Tilkut
West Bengal Rosogulla, Mishti Doi, Bhapa Illish,
Tripura Chakhwi, Mwkhwi Muitru,
Mizoram Zu (a special tea)
Puducherry Kadugu yerra, Vendakkai, Patchaddy,
Andhra Pradesh Hyderabadi Biryani, Mirchi Salan, Ghongura Pickle Korikoora
Telangana Gongura Ghosht, Pappucharu, Gongura Pappu, Hyderabadi Biryani
Orissa Fish Orly, Khirmohan, Rasabali, Chhenapodapitha,
Tamil Nadu Appam, Dosai, Idli, Sambhar, Rasam, Chettinad Chicken Pongal
Kerala Puttu-Kadala, Kappa-Meen Kari Sadya Meal, Avial, Malabar Parotha Payasam, Irachi Stew, Karimean Kari
Karnataka Bisi Bele Bhaat, Kesari Bath, Mysore Pak, Dharwad Pedha, Chiroti
Goa Vindaloo, Xacuti, Bibinca, Prawn Balchao,
Maharashtra Shrikhand, Thalipeeth, Vada Pao, Modak, Pani Puri
Madhya Pradesh Lapsi, Bafla, Bhutte ki , Khees, Bhopali Kabab,
Gujarat Thepla, Dhokla Khandvi, Handvo, Panki
Chattisgarh Bafauri, Kusli Red Ant Chutney,
Rajasthan Dal-Bati-Churma Ker Sangari, Lal Maas, Gatte,
Delhi Chaat, Tandoori Chicken Paranthe, Chole Bhature,
Haryana Rabadi, Bajre ki Khichdi, Cholia, Chaach-Lassi, Kachri ki Sabzi,
Chandigarh Butter Chicken, Tandoori , Chicken, Mutton Pulao,
Punjab Dal Makhni, Makke di Roti-, Sarson da Saag, Chana Bhature,
Himachal Pradesh Sidu, Aktori, Dham Seppu Vadi, Badana, Babru,
Andaman & Nicobar Islands Fishes, Lobsters, Prawans Crabs

29 States of India and their food That they are Famous For

And if you are in India, then you have endless possibilities to satiate this love. This is because the variety of food India has to offer is simply astounding. From the spiciest and richest dishes to the humblest preparations, each state has something different to offer. Here are 29 recipes from the 29 states of India that every mother would like you to try.

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Discover the national food of India and explore the rich flavors of the national dish of India. Learn about the diverse national food and Indian national food. Each state food contributes to the culinary mosaic of India’s national food and India’s national dish. Relish the famous food in India and uncover what is the national food of India. Learn about India’s national dish, the famous food of 29 states of India, and Indian national dish. Discover what is the national dish of India, along with 29 states name and their culinary specialties. Explore India famous food, traditional food of Indian states, and the staple food of Indian states. Discover the famous food of all states in India and the national food of Indian states.

Kashmir – Rogan Josh

Rogan Josh of Jammu & Kashmir is very popular, it is a lamb dish cook in a sauce top with copious amounts of Kashmiri chillies, ginger, asafetida and bay leaves and a must try dish that you are sure to enjoy.

The climate and habits play an important role in the cuisine of Jammu and Kashmir, the Kashmiris, despite Brahmins, are carnivores. The staple food of Jammu & Kashmir is rice with mutton and turnips, chicken and spinach, fish and lotus root.

Some of the main dishes of Jammu and Kashmir are Shab Deg, Dum Aloo, Aab Gosht, Goshtaba, Lyodur Tschaman, Mujh Gaad and Matschgand.

Uttarakhand- Kapaa

This dish is a boon for all diet-conscious people. Yes, it’s actually that nutritious. Kafuli is famous Uttarakhand food made with spinach and fenugreek leaves. This exotic dish is prepare in an iron kadhai and is complement by steaming hot rice. It is the most nutritious and healthful dish you will find in the state.

Kapaa, also known as Kafuli, is a dish that is often prepare in the winter, as this is when it is enjoy the most. It is a thick sauce made from spinach, garlic, ginger, fenugreek leaves, curd and a blend of spices. It is the main dish that is most consumed with Steamed Rice or Rotis.

Madhya Pradesh – Bhutte Ka Kees

Madhya Pradesh is the heart of India and has many delicious delicacies to offer. Whether you are a vegetarian or not, you will find food for everyone.

Bhutte ka Kees is a spicy and delicious snack that can easily prepared. It is a common street food in Indore and Madya Pradesh, but it is also commonly prepared and enjoy at home. this is made with grated corn, spices, coconut, milk, mustard seeds, and green chillies. It is a healthy snack that can enjoy with tea.

Poha is a very popular dish from Madhya Pradesh, it is a very light and healthy dish, it is made with mash rice, curry leaves, peanuts and lemon.

Rajasthan – Dal Baati Churma

All this dish is very popular in Rajasthan. Daal Baati Churma is a Rajasthani dish that includes Spicy Daal, Sweet Churma and Crunchy Batis (bread). Gatte, which is the plural of Gatta, are small circular pieces of chickpea flour that are added to a curd-base sauce. Unique spices are add to this dish to give it its spicy flavor. It is often eat with rice or sometimes even with roti. These dishes can enjoy together!

This famous Rajasthani dish needs no introduction. Dal bati churma is synonymous to Rajasthan; know for its crunchy batis, dip in ghee along with spicy daal and sweet churma.

Rajasthan is colorful not only in tourism but also in delicious cuisines. The scarcity of water and fresh vegetables affected cooked food in Rajasthan. Its food can last several days and can eat without heating.

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Haryana – Banational food of indian statesjre Ki Khichdi

Bajre Ki Khichdi is one of the state’s specials. It is very healthy as it has the health of iron and is very easy to digest which is something you will enjoy.

The Haryanvi people are simple and humble, and the region is well know for its agricultural treasure. Their cuisines are also simple with lots of milk, curd and ghee as they pamper cows and buffaloes in the hearths.

Most of the people living in Haryana are Hindu and their food is vegetarian. It is called the land of Rotis with some popular delicacies like Rajma chawal, Kadhi, Aloo Tikki, Dahi Bhalle, Kheer.

West Bengal- Rasgulla

Rasgulla, a sweet dish from West Bengal, is an absolutely perfect dessert. It’s a syrupy sweet made from ball-shaped meatballs cook in a sugary syrup until the syrup fills them. This dish is often eaten at parties or ceremonies. However, it can also enjoy every day. Rasgulla is one of those sweet dishes love by people all over India.

The main emphasis of Bengali is on fish and rice. Since countless rivers flow through the state, so you can find fish everywhere in the market, there are more than forty types of fish serve in Bengal.

Some of their popular foods are Aloo Potol Posto, Ilish Macher Jhol, Shukto, Sandesh, Mutton Biryani, Aam Pora Shorbot, Tangra Macher Jhol, Alur Dom, Luchi, Chholar Dal, Lau Ghonto, Mochar Ghonto, Mishti Doi and Rasgulla.

Punjab – Makki Di Roti & Sarson Da Saag

Punjabi cuisines are not only popular in India, but also in the UK and Canada. Agriculture and livestock are their main occupation and locally grown foods are the main ingredients of the dishes.

The most popular food in Punjab is Chana masala, Chole kulche, Aloo Paratha, Paneer Paratha, Gobi Paratha, Paratha with Curd, Halwa poor.

food of states of india

They are also meat lovers. Butter Chicken, Bhuna Gosht, Tandoori Chicken, and Amritsari Macchi are equally delicious.

Punjab Sarson Ka Saag Aur Makki Ki Roti is very popular everywhere where the combination of Palak, bathua and sarso saag creates a healthy saag which is eaten with Makki ki roti and lots of butter along with a large glass of Lassi.

Andhra Pradesh- Gutti Vankaya Kura

Gutti Vankaya Kura is a very popular eggplant curry in Andhra Pradesh. It consists of eggplant cooked in a creamy peanut and coconut curry with sensational spices. It is served with steamed rice and can also eat with rotis. This dish is very commonly eaten for lunch and dinner in Andra Pradesh.

food of states of india

Andhra Pradesh food includes vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. The main food is rice, as it is also called “Rice Bowl of India”, the food is served on a banana leaf. One of the main ingredients is tamarind along with curry leaves, tomatoes and mustard seeds.

Some of the famous dishes of Andhra Pradesh are Idly, Dosa and sambar, Pesarattu, Upma, ricotta and various curries. Seafood is common in the coastal area, where fish and shrimp are cooked with sesame and coconut oil. Their curry is a mix of Mughlai cuisine, any curry served with rice and lots of pickles.

Gujarat – Dhokla

Gujarat has a long coastline with an abundance of seafood available, but most Gujarat people are vegetarians due to the influence of Jainism.

The main popular food of Gujarati is dhokla, fafda, khakra, khandvi, muthiya. A Gujarati thali will include homemade roti, rice, dal or kadhi, sabzi and pickles. Mohanthal is also a popular Gujarati dessert.

The most popular Gujarati food is fluffy dhoklas, loved as a snack throughout India. Dhokla is made with chickpea flour (besan) which is steamed and eaten with chutney or sauce.

Bihar – Litti Chokha

The land of Bihar has fertile ground thanks to the mighty River Ganges. Wheat and rice are in abundance and Buddhism has brought non-violence to Bihar, so most people are vegetarians.

Litti Chokha is a dish consisting of Litti and Chokha. Litti is a bread bake with a buckwheat flour dough filled with toast chickpea flour, lemon juice and spices. It is served together with Chowkha, spiced vegetable puree.

food of states of india

Litti Chokha is the most popular Bihari cuisine, Litti is small balls of wheat that are bake over coals and dip in ghee, while Chokha is a curry made by mashing boil vegetables and adding spices and onion to it.

Himachal Pradesh- Sidu

Sidu is a type of wheat bread that is knead with yeast two hours before prepare. It is filled with mash boil peas, walnuts, roasted peanuts and paneer (cottage cheese). It is usually eat with lentils (dal), green chutney, and clarified butter.

Himachal Pradesh is a hilly terrain so fresh vegetables are hard to find. People usually are non-vegetarian and use meat, lentils, rice, and pulses in their food.

Goa – Fish Curry

One of the most famous and well known Goan dishes is Goan fish curry. This dish is a thick and flavorful curry with coconut, chillies and fresh fish or shrimp. This dish is often serve and enjoy with rice or roti.

Goa is a popular tourist destination in India. Goan food is very similar to Portuguese food and is mainly seafood and coconut food.

As we know, Goa is locate along the coastal strip, so mainly fish and chicken dishes are use. Seafood lovers can find a delicious variety of prawns, mussels, crabs, lobsters, mackerel, tuna and salmon.

indian cuisines Fish curry is very popular Goan dish made with marinate fish cook with various spices and tamarind puree. A flavor you will surely appreciate.

Sikkim- Momos

Sikkim’s food is influence by neighboring countries Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan. Rice is their main food and they like meat.

The most popular sikkim dishes are vegetarian momo products with dumplings and vegetables, and dumplings for non-vegan momo, fish, chicken and lamb.

National food of india Momos are steam dumplings with a filling inside. For Instance, The outside is made of white flour and water. In some cases, yeast or baking soda is also add to the dough to improve the texture of the dumplings. The filling of the momos traditionally had meat, however, over the years, new fillings are also add. From paneer to vegetables, anything can add to the filling.

Tamil Nadu- Pongal

Pongal is a special Tamil Nadu dish that is usually prepare as a gift to the gods. Served with rice, milk and lentils and also with cashew nuts. They were made with a variety of ingredients including tamarind, jaggie and peppers but they all very tasty. Pongal is a simple but delicious dish national food of india.

Tamil people are very hospitable and love feeding others, there are a lot of Tamil Brahmins, so their food is mainly vegetarian. but they have non-vegetarian dishes as well.

Telangana- Hyderabadi Biryani

Telugu cuisine is spicy, hot and spicy. Millet bread is the main food here, and wheat is also the main ingredient.

The most famous is the Chicken Biryani, which is scrumptious with a blend of spices and seasonings.

Thanks to Nizam’s major impact in the province, Hyderabadi Biryani has become internationally recognized as one of India’s leading jewelry manufacturers. Food of states of india There are two types. Kachchi gosht ki biryani and Pakki biryani. Marinate meat is cook in layers of rice with large hands, cover in a flat batter that eventually rises from the heat. Indicates that the biryani is ready to eat.

Odisha – Chenna Poda

Odisha’s cheesecake! Sweet Odisha is famous for: Chhena Poda, also known to Lord Jagannath’s favorite dessert and often offered to him at the Puri temple.

The lingering taste of burnt homemade cottage cheese and parmesan combined with sugar syrup will blow your mind. This rare dessert is cook for several hours until it turns red and the caramelized sugar brings out the distinctive flavor of Chhena Poda. sold on almost every corner, this dish is simple, easy, indian cuisines and utterly delicious.

Chhattisgarh – Cheela

Chhattisgarh is the central state of India, so you will get a mix of North and South Indian flavors. Wheat, jowar and maize make up the staple diet of Chhattisgarh, rice is also consume in abundance as it is also call the “Rice Bowl of India”. Among the lentils, Arhar Dal is the most used.

Secondly, A popular dish in the state is Cheela, a chapati-like dish made from rice paste and eaten with tomato sauce and green chili in the region. States Of India and their food That they are Famous For. India national food Cuisines each state has its own unique style of cuisine

Uttar Pradesh – Kabab

Firstly Uttar Pradesh is food of states of india its Nawabi food, its cooking technique is influence by the Mughals. Lucknow’s most famous dishes are “tunda kebabs” and “kakori kebabs”.

indian cuisines

Wheat is the staple food of the state, But its popular bread is Tandoori Naan, Tandoori Roti, Kulcha, Taftan, Sheermal, Rumali Roti, Paratha, Millet (millet flour flatbread) and Lachha Paratha.

Tripura- Chakhwi

Tripuris are mostly nonvegetarians and you will find varieties of meat used here. Food of states of india The main food includes rice, fish, chicken, mutton, and pork.

indian cuisines

Chakhwi is a traditional, food of states of india healthy and delicious dish from Tripura. Most Importantly This healthy dish is a mix of bamboo shoots, jackfruit, green papaya, a variety of lentils, and pork. Many Tripura foods are prepare without oil or with little oil. This dish is a healthy snack that can enjoy with rice or on its own.

Meghalaya – Jadoh

Jodoh is the Khasi version of biryani. This famous Meghalaya dish is red hill rice which is cook with pork chunks, vegetables and garnish with fried fish or eggs. The unique spices give this dish its popularity.

indian cuisines

Nagaland-Bamboo Shoot Pork 

The main dishes of the Naga people are rice cook with vegetables, fish or meat (dried or pork with bamboo shoots). Because, Their meat and fish are smoke, dry or ferment. Their food is very spicy with a lot of pepper.

indian cuisines

The most popular dishes of the Naga people are dry pork, bacon, Nagaland pork with dried bamboo, bamboo steamed fish, grilled organ meats, mixed beans, bitter melon, chicken soup with cream, Kongsharon: eel and chilli sauce, crab and chilli sauce. And boil the vegetables. So, Pork with bamboo shoots is most popular dish in Nagaland, where bamboo shoots are made with pork.

Karnataka – Bisi Bele Bath

Bisi Bele Bath is a traditional Karnataka recipe that is prepare in every house in Kannadiga. So, The dish has a distinctive coconut flavor and is available in any restaurant in Bangalore. The recipe is complicate and involves many vegetables and flavors, but the dish is a must try.

india national food

Mizoram – Misa Mash Poora

Misa Mach Poora is a delicious side dish. They are grill shrimp cook in mustard oil, lemon juice, orange zest and assort spices. Apart from these dishes, what you should also try in Mizoram are their two popular drinks. indian cuisines food of states of india One of them is Zu, or the local tea they like to drink at almost any meal. So, The second is the Lubrusca grape wine, which is another favorite with locals. If you visit beautiful Mizoram soon, don’t forget to eat and drink any or all of these items, as you please.

india national food

Manipur – Kangshoi

This dish is very popular in Manipur. It is a vegetable stew. It consists of seasonal vegetables that are boil and flavour with slice onions, cloves, salt, garlic, maroi and a bit of ginger. indian cuisines Food of states of india indian cuisines This stew is serve with rice or fish and is suppose to consume piping hot india national food.

best food india

Kerala – Appam

Ask anyone in Kerala what their favorite dish from home is and they’ll swear by appam and hotpot! I think they are justified in doing so because appam is something that appears to a revolution in the world of food. indian cuisines It is a rice pancake with a soft, thick center and a crisp, paper-thin exterior. indian cuisines No matter what you eat it with, appam will increase the flavor value of that dish over a hundred! However, it’s usually pair with a Southern-style stew in which chunks of any kind of meat are top with a dreamy india national food.

best food india

 Maharashtra- Misal Pav

A popular and delicious food of Maharashtra is Misal pav. its salty and spicy flavor. It includes a sprout lentil curry, with finely chopped onions, crispy farsan, tomatoes on top. Along with this curry, there is pav (bread), heated with butter, and even lemon wedges to give the dish more flavor! Misal Pav is one of those street foods like by almost everyone in Maharashtra. States Of India and their food That they are Famous For. India national food Cuisines each state has its own unique style of cuisine india national food

best food india

Assam – Papaya Khar

This dish from Assamese cuisine is one of a kind. It is delicious curry made from raw papaya, legumes, malanga and also with a non-vegetarian main ingredient. All of this is then filter through dry banana leaves, giving it a unique and unexpectedly refreshing flavor. It is usually eat with rice for lunch india national food.

food of states of india

Arunachal Pradesh – Thukpa

Most of the people in Arunachal Pradesh are non-vegetarians and their cuisine varies from one tribe to another. The staple food of Arunachal Pradesh is rice with other side dishes of fish, meat and vegetables consumed.

food of states of india

They love fermented, smoked, steamed and boiled food with minimal use of spices. So, fried is not very popular. They cook food using fermented vegetables, herbs and bamboo shoots in almost any dish.

Jharkhand – Rugda

Rugra is an item which tastes like mushroom and is very delicious to eat indian cuisines. Rugra is basically an indigenous variety of vegetable, rich in protein and minerals and high on calorific value. This is thus a very healthy dish. It is available in abundance during the monsoon season. Similarly indian cuisines Food of states of india This dish is prefer by the local people and is high in demand during the peak seasons.

food of states of india

States Of India and their food That they are Famous For. But India national food Cuisines each state has its own unique style of cuisine

Discover the national food of India and explore the rich flavors of the national dish of India. Learn about the diverse national food and Indian national food. Each state food contributes to the culinary mosaic of India’s national food and India’s national dish. Relish the famous food in India and uncover what is the national food of India. Learn about India’s national dish, the famous food of 29 states of India, and Indian national dish. Discover what is the national dish of India, along with 29 states name and their culinary specialties. Explore India famous food, traditional food of Indian states, and the staple food of Indian states. Discover the famous food of all states in India and the national food of Indian states.

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