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Monkey Enjoys Golgappas in A Viral Video From Gujarat

A video of Tankara from Gujarat has gone viral on social media and has been abuzz. In the clip, the monkey can be seen enjoying a bowl of golgappas. Golgappa, panipuri, phuchka or batasha, whatever you call it – the taste is just divine and you can’t get enough of it. It’s safe to say that the number of people who don’t like golgappas is almost non-existent. After praise from the Prime Minister of Japan and the Ambassador of India for this delicious snack, golgappa has become a global favorite! But what? Delicious…

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A Woman Straightens Her Hair Inside The Delhi Metro

Even if you haven’t been to the Delhi Metro, you must have heard about all the wild fun people have there. The most recent of these horrendous incidents is a woman getting her hair straightened in the Delhi metro. The video was posted on micro blogging site Twitter which is going viral on social media. In fact, knowing the kind of animals people have been attracting in the metros of Delhi…

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‘World’s Oldest Animal Fossil’ Found in Madhya Pradesh is Not What You Would Expect

It was in 2021 that a 550-million-year-old Indian Dickinsonia fossil, an ancient marine animal, was discovered in the Bhimbetka reserve near Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. At that time, fossils were recorded at 570 million years. However, after two years, the bone became something else! Fossil The oldest animal on Earth isn’t even a fossil The fossil, which caused great interest and was covered by the international media, was later…

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Paper Omelette Goes Viral On Internet Wowing Netizens

Eggs used to be one of our favorite things to eat. Whether it’s for breakfast, lunch, dinner or dinner, anything and everything made with eggs is delicious. Omelet is one of the most common dishes made with eggs. When we make omelets at home, we usually make small or medium ones that fit in the pan. But have you ever seen a great little leafy omelette? If not, you can find it now! We are looking for this very important omelette This mini omelette making video was first posted on TikTok. Later, Techzexpress Instagram page (@techzexpress) shared…

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Guwahati: A Video of An Elephant Eating Sweets in A Local Shop is Heart-Melting

There is no denying that the Internet comes with a huge list of pros and cons. Even though there are many plagues, the internet and social media are our main source of entertainment now. Most of us like to watch different types of videos on the internet. From cooking to animal travel to fashion, there is a wide variety of content. For netizens who like to watch various animal content online, here is a video of an elephant eating sweets at a local store. This video of an elephant enjoying sweets is…

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